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About the Project

In the mid-2000s, an international European Construction group, with a significant share of the domestic market, as well as in the UAE, apprehensively foresees a crisis in the Emirates, which is its natural and historic stronghold overseas.

The issue is one of geographical diversification of International Building activities.

  • By capitalising on the strengths of the company, its values and its reputation as well as its technical capacity and its specific existing clients.
  • New markets were opened and new projects acquired, which would be the bearers of new developments.
  • These countries were selected with care : a high growth to allow room for a newcomer, consistency with the company’s existing client base, identification of a potential partner.

Douglas Noble
MRICS, Chief Development Officer at AmRest

“Pascal is a seasoned professional, great to work with, honest and reliable. He brings positive energy to each situation and readily provides solutions to problems. He is a great partner with whom to navigate complex development projects.”

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