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Heightening the Company’s Understanding of International Markets: Issues, Risks, Intercultural Awareness and Procedures



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DI Consulting Packages

Customised Guidance from an Expert in International Development

Green Package

Brainstorming & Strategy

The Green Package

Brainstorming & Strategy for your Development

Blue Package

Analysis & Implementation

The Blue Package

Analysis & Implementation for your Development

Yellow Package

Structuring & Monitoring

The Yellow Package

Structuring & Monitoring of your Development

Mission Package

A la Carte Services

The Mission Package

Certified Services according to Expectations and Needs
DI Consulting Packages provide to the customer the serenity of a reliable forecast of its costs. This is also the realization of the values ​​of commitment and partnership :

Nothing solid can be built without trust and durability

Stages of Development

Advice Packages Depending on the Stage of Development


Export or Go Overseas ?

  • Anticipate, go to your competitors before they come to you.
  • Multiply your potential customers by a factor of 1 to 100. 
  • Take advantage of markets which are much more dynamic than the domestic market thus increasing your profitability
  • Improve your reputation, including within your domestic market. 
  • Distribute risk more evenly.
  • Optimise the capabilities of your headquarters and management, during domestic economic decline or stagnation.
  • Boost business by offering new and additional prospects for personal development to your highest performing resources. 
  • Develop within the core-business or in related trades ? 
  • Which geographical locations ?
  • Local presence or one-off strikes ?
  • Internal growth or purchase ?
  • Own resources or partnerships / outsourcers ?
  • Strategy, budgets, means, business plan ?
  • Because business overseas relies upon access to information which is difficult to find and complex to grasp without help.
  • Because succeeding in business overseas requires reflexes, a culture and methods which are not innate, but are the product of a long and sometimes trying experience.
  • The risks are different, multiple and magnified by distance and local working conditions: the consequences of an error, therefore, can prove to be far more serious in relation to the domestic market.
  • The assessment of risks and costs, as well as the familiarity with local customs and practices, are also a matter of experience. 
  • Legal, contractual, linguistic, cultural, political and security problems are incomparable with those of the domestic market, and are often underestimated. What is more, the knowledge of various required documents and techniques comes only after a long learning process (international contracts, customs dynamics, payment methods, etc).
  • Finally, a consultant will allow your company to benefit from the experience and the expertise of a senior director, on a part-time basis of course, without having to bear the contractual and financial pressures of hiring during the preliminary stages.