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International Development Advisory Services

Export Diagnostics

Diagnostic Export Advice

  • Export diagnosis is the first step which provides an assessment of the company’s capacity to sell abroad.
  • It entails the involvement and the attendance of the whole company, although not everyone will be concerned and involved to the same extent.
  • The diagnostics defines the company’s capacity and potential for export and any strong points it may have. It particularly concerns the company’s skills and human resources, but also its financial capacity.
  • Conversely, it will pinpoint weaknesses and areas for improvement, to make international development not only possible but also a success.
  • If these are not insurmountable and provided the development has been approved, a plan of action will be implemented to remedy them.

Market Research

Market Research Advice

This is a synthesis of all the research, analysis and conclusions which will have been gathered for the entire development project. The study will provide conclusions as to the feasibility of the project, and will clearly outline the conditions, means and provisional costs of its implementation.

Preparation of Financing

Financing Preparation Advice

Depending on the size of the business, as well as on its type and on the level of progress of its international projects, it may or may not be eligible for public funds. Although support of this kind can in no way constitute a fundamental part of the decision, it is always welcomed, but often remains difficult to find, to apply for and to implement. The consultant will advise the company in its research processes for funding.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Advice

The drawing up of this plan is vital, as this will be the company’s document of reference regarding their international development project. It will, as a matter of course, include a financial section, the Business Plan, which will establish the revenue and estimated expenditure on the project for the next three years. A forecast to 5 years is possible, but will be very uncertain.

Business Plans

Business Planning Advice

Local Implantation

Local Implantation Advice

Different ways of selling abroad :

  • Selling directly from France.
  • Direct sales via a local agent.
  • Indirect sales via a distributor.

Local Partnerships

Local Partnerships Advice

Whatever means of implementation are chosen, these will generate partnerships which must be managed. In the first instance, it will be necessary to prepare, negotiate and sign agreements. Once the partnership has been contractually drawn up, it must be managed daily. This will entail training the partners, sales, marketing, and industrial campaigns, such as the building up of stock or updating the local production or maintenance tool.

Procedures and Paperwork

Procedures and Paperwork Advice

This will be followed by the drafting of contracts, documents and procedures, more often than not in English. Here again, the consultant will offer their experience and their expertise to the company in producing, diffusing and implementing these documents.

Acquisitions and/or Mergers

Acquisitions and/or Mergers Advice : Due Diligences, Synergies et Strategies