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DI Consulting Training

Heightening the Company’s Understanding of International Markets
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Examples of Training Offered

Introduction to International Trade

Mastering the Basics and Awareness of International Trade

Learn about and grasp the various risks and issues arising from international business, as well as essential procedures and techniques.

  • Methodology of international business.
  • Export diagnostics.
  • Intercultural aspects.
  • Techniques pertaining to international trade :
    • Market research.
    • Different ways of selling abroad : direct sales, agents, distributors, networks, etc.
    • Service contracts and/or intellectual services.
    • Incoterms.
    • Export support and funding.
  • Interactive sessions.

Export Diagnostics

Diagnostic Export Training

A practical methodological approach to Export diagnostics, to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to its Export project and to formulate relevant recommendations.

  • Methodology of an international project.
  • Export diagnostics :
    • Basic questioning.
    • What to check.
    • Concrete cases.
  • Interactive sessions.

Developing and Managing an International Project

Training in the Development and Management of an International Project

  • Methodology of an international project.
  • Export diagnostics.
  • Intercultural aspects.
  • Market research (both global and local).
  • Business Plans.
  • Concrete cases.
  • Interactive sessions.

Managing International Sales Teams

Training in the Management of International Sales Teams

  • Have a first feeling of international sales.
  • Most common cultural issues.
  • Negotiating.
  • Concrete cases.
  • Interactive sessions.

By sector: Construction Overseas

Training in the Construction Sector Overseas

  • A brief history.
  • The various development scenarios.
  • The different players.
  • The complexification of the offer.
  • Localization.
  • A global market with local players.
  • Internal growth vs external growth.
  • Intercultural aspects.
  • Concrete cases.
  • Interactive sessions.